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Main purpose of Marmara International Student Association is to provide a qualified education in Turkey for those promoting youth from our heartland who couldn’t find any education opportunity because of varios reasons. And we hope to sent them back to their countries with what they want and we wish our students to be employeed at home.

Marmara International Student Association was founded in 2017. After that it has been opened dormitories in different regions capacity with 200 students. The students from Algeria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kosovo, African continent and from many other countries reside in our dormitories. We as Marmara Associaiton give guidance and cunsultancy in the fields of like education and adaptation.

Our goal is to solve all problems and troubles in educational, social and individual lives of the Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral students who want to complete their education in Turkey. And our goal is also sent those young students to their countires back with the quality education they took it from Turkey. We take to culture trips and make social activities so that our students can know Turkey very well and have positive thoughts about people in Turkey. We work to help finish the education as wanted and serve in a disciplined way with our workers and volunteers in order to make feel our students priviliged and equal and not a foreigner.

When our students are back to their home countries they will undertake the duty of being bridge among the countries after having education with positive expriences . Marmara wants to give support to Turkey by achieving further goals and increase the credibility on the international level. Our intention is to show Turkish hospitality and make satisfied our students for what they exprience. Therefore we strive and work diligently, patiently and with determination of course.